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Why we use most types of sleep settling techniques and not just one

At Sleepy Baby & Co we are a judgement free zone. There are many reasons why parents choose different ways to help teach their little ones to fall asleep independently. We’ll help you understand what type of temperament your baby has and what suits your parenting style. We discuss all options with you so you’re educated on age appropriate solutions and have a choice with what resonates with you as a family.

There are super gentle ways that can take weeks or months to take shape and that suits some families perfectly. Others want or need things to happen a bit quicker and we have methods that start to take shape in 3 – 5 days. One method we don’t recommend though is cry it out.

I also love when a settling technique isn’t even needed! Sometimes it can be as simple as a sleep environment, diet or routine tweak.

So whether you’re exhausted, going back to work, looking for a more enjoyable process at bedtime or absolutely any other reason please reach out on the contact page and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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